You finally got the keys to your new rental apartment! Congratulations! Now it’s time to decorate your new place and make it feel more like home. We know you might sometimes feel a little limited by the amount you can change in your new apartment. However, personalising your rental apartment is not as difficult as you may have thought! Although there are some rules to renting that do not allow you to make huge alterations in your house, there are many hacks you can use to decorate it. From plants to rugs, here are 6 easy ways to decorate your rental apartment without breaking any rules.

Display art on the floor or furniture surfaces

If you are unsure about hanging art on the walls, use rental friendly adhesive tape. Or better yet, display art on the floor! Decorate your rental apartment by buying large canvases, or using your own art, and placing them directly on the floor leaning against a plain coloured wall. This adds a modern hipster touch to your bedroom and living room without you having to make much effort! You can even stack a smaller piece of art in front of a larger one to add a layering effect. If you are not that adventurous, place a large statement painting on top of an accent cabinet or bookshelf.


Bring nature in with plants

Plants are one of the easiest ways to add life to a rental apartment. Bring nature in your place by adding different potted plants in any room of the house. Plants can go anywhere! 

Different size potted plants add a lovely green touch to your living room. Play with different size pots and texture leafy plants to make the room look more vibrant. A nice hack is to layer the plants by staking them on different heights tables or shelves. In the kitchen, you can have your own freshly grown herbs by the window: stylish and cost-saving! 

Decorate your rental apartment by adding a few succulents on your office desk or accent cabinet next to framed photos of your loved ones. The plants will add a stress-free factor to your office space for those days you are feeling overloaded with work. Add an oasis effect to your bathroom by hanging a long fern to it. And if you do not trust yourself to keep plants alive, you can always buy some nice fake ones that look identical!

Swap out your curtains

Just because you moved into a rental apartment that had its own curtains does not mean that you have to live with them your entire life. Pick up some nice luxurious ones at that home décor store you really like. Make sure to store the old ones properly so you can put them back ones you move out of the place. If you can, replace the pole ends with decorative finials that match your style. The best part is that you can bring all this with you to the next place!

Indulge in nice pillows and cushions

Nothing makes a home feel cosier than having pillows and cushions. Another easy way to decorate your rental apartment is to add extra pillows on your bed and some nice cushions on your sofas. Play around with different colour and texture combinations. For example, you can have some super soft velvety cushions mixed with shiny sequin ones to make your living room more fun. You can also add round tasseled cushions as extra seats in the living room area. This is perfect for a lazy Sunday in for board games and hot chocolate.


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Brighten up the room with mirrors

Just like art, you can also lean tall mirrors against the wall or furniture surfaces. This adds light and gives the illusion of bigger spaces in the apartment. Place you mirrors across a window, so they reflect the natural light into the room. Mirrors are practical and fashionable at the same time. 

If you believe in Feng Sui and want the positive energies to flow well in your apartment, consider placing a mirror in your living room. However, avoid having mirrors facing your office desk as this has the potential to create negativity and double your workload.


Cosy up your floors with rugs

Rugs are a perfect way of adding a bold statement without damaging your apartment! Sukhi rugs are a great addition to the house, especially during the winter months to add warmth and cosiness. These fair-trade and handmade rugs are from in India, Morocco, Turkey and Nepal. 

They can quickly enhance your apartment’s floors and add style and texture. Depending on the type of flooring you have, rugs might soon become your holy grail when it comes to rental home décor must-haves. 

Neutral and light colours are beautiful on darker laminated floor. A thin pattern rug can also be used as a statement piece on a carpeted floor. Practical and soft, Sukhi rugs are an easy yet wonderful way to decorate your rental apartment. Here are some different ways you can use them.

Layer your rugs

Layering rugs has become very trendy these days. However, there are some rules by abide to so that your room does not end up looking like a colourful theme park. Try adding a small pattern rug on top of a plain softer one for a mixed visual and textural effect. Another interesting twist is to layer a smaller round rug on the side of a larger rectangular one. Take Sukhi’s felt ball rug for instance! That’s the perfect rug to layer over a more traditional oriental rug to make a bold statement in your room.


Rugs in the living room

If you have more of an open living, dining and kitchen concept in your apartment, rugs can be used to stylishly define these different living spaces. Place a large chunky rug under your coffee table, making sure the front part of your sofa covers it, to add a soft cosy visual effect to your living room. Sukhi’s braided felt rug is the perfect living room rug and adds an interesting “twist” to any sterile living space. It is also a great tip to style white interiors. 

Rugs in the kitchen

Having rugs in the kitchen is becoming more and more popular. If you have a narrow kitchen, how about placing a runner heirloom rug to create a more luxurious effect on your kitchen flooring. Sukhi’s Beni Ourain rugs boast traditional Moroccan geometric designs which bring an exotic feel to your kitchen. Sukhi rugs are also customizable: this means you can decide how tall and wide you need them based on your room sizes!

Rugs on the staircase

Have you ever thought of placing a rug on your staircase? A cool way to glam up an ancient-looking staircase is by rolling down a runner rug. How about spicing things up with one of Sukhi’s patchwork rugs? These rugs are made from repurposing Turkish rugs and patching them together to give it a modern look. The patchwork adds a unique touch on the different stair levels. And since we are talking about staircases, you can easily customise most Sukhi rugs to make them fit the size that you need!

Rugs in the bedroom

The most important place you would want to place your rug would be the bedroom. Who would not enjoy waking up every morning and having their feet greeted by a soft and warm rug by their bedside? Layering rugs can also be done in the bedroom to add different textures. Our favourite bedroom rug is our Nepalese chunky wool rugs.


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So there you have it: 6 easy ways to decorate your rental apartment without breaking any rules! Have you found anything you can easily incorporate in your rental apartment to jazz it up? How about checking out Sukhi rugs collection for inspiration? We are sure that you will find a rug that will win you and your guests over!

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