We know you still haven’t removed your Fall decorations, but winter will come before you’re even aware of it and you’ll want to prepare for it in time. As a matter of fact, now is the best time that you start thinking about how your winter home is going to look and start getting the best items in peace.

If you’re anything like us, you know that the coldest season of the year can’t go without something cozy and warm that’ll keep you feel comfortable and snuggly. And again, if you’re like us, you’ll pick the warmest rug possible. This year, we suggest you go for one of the Sukhi braided wool rugs.


The white nuance of our Kalim wool rug reminds of snow, but the feeling you’re going to get when you step on this enchanting rug is quite the opposite. Putting your feet on this rug will make you feel like you soaked in the warmest cloud you could ever imagine.


Credit: @la_casita_de_rubi_

Make sure to put this rug somewhere near the bed, Christmas tree or window. That way, it’ll be bathed in natural light and brighten up space even more. Living rooms and bedrooms are perfect for this carpet.


If you opt for Kayum, you’ll have a soft and durable rug that adds a touch of rustic to your home. This rug adapts to its surroundings like a chameleon, but still commands attention and becomes the center point of the room.


Credit: @my_home_my_haven

It has a unique, greyish white color and is perfect for areas around the fireplace to enhance the warmth and space of the room. You can add faux or real plants around it or some pillows, throws and blankets to indulge yourself even more if you feel hedonistic.


Slightly darker Tahir is often seen among our customers as a true symbol of Sukhi quality and some of them like to use it a stretching mat. We like to think of it as the perfect rug for winter and Christmas holidays because it goes so well under the Christmas tree or in the center of the room.


Credit: @feinundfabelhaft

This wool rug elevates the mood in any room you put it in and adds more depth to space, making it look brighter, more open and airy. If magic could be touched, it would look just like Tahir.

If you want a hygge rug, but prefer some other design and style, we invite you to look at our braided felt rugs or flat weave rugs. Something tells us you’ll find more than one option that’ll take your breath away.

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